Concepts / Modeling


Concept, Modeling and Rendering Projects

Models, either physical or in 3D electronic image format, can portray so much more than a two dimensional line drawing. Architects now often use 3d modeling software to explore and develop a design, and better show the depth, feel and scale of the exterior or interior spacial relationships.  DMA uses ‘SketchUp’, ‘Revit’, and/or ‘Autocad 3d’ softwares as design tools and for presentation capability.  The SketchUp models can vary from simple massing studies to highly detailed colored artwork presentations.  A concept rendering (even without a lot of development) can help clients or potential users to visualize and understand a project quickly, without an investment in costly renderings with other specialty providers.   More detailed renderings for fundraising or presentation  and interest development can also be provided with in-house capabilities.  The traditional hand-constructed scale model is an available ability as well, for a physical display or to better understand a proposed building or site relationships.




See the following other examples for simpler scope 3d studies work and physical models.


BC Animal Shelter 3D rendering 1

BC Animal Shelter 3D rendering 2