Meridian Pointe Office Building

Meridian Pointe by Roy

Meridian Pointe is a four story multi-office complex in Huntsville, Alabama with a bank and an eye clinic as two of the major tenants.  The building was developed for this premier location on the existing sloping site adjacent to the interstate, with multiple tenant street entrances at different levels.  It required careful site integration and coordination of the floor-to-floor levels with existing grades, drainage, etc., and barrier-free accessibility at all entrances.  It featured a unique rotunda corner element with dramatic conference rooms overlooking the city.  Mr. Michal was involved with the design and in charge of this project while at Fuqua Osborn Architects.

Meridian Pointe Bank side       Meridian Pointe Bank entrance s
The bank entrances and drive-thru are on the lowest street level.