Testimonials and References

What others are saying about Mr. Michal:

I am happy to speak on behalf of Dan Michal both as a talented architect and more importantly a man of integrity and character. I have had the good fortune of working with Dan on both residential and commercial projects and have had good outcomes each time. His knowledge and attention to detail coupled with his character and work ethic resulted in a very happy client.


David Northcutt , Northcutt Dental Clinics

From a local government customer:

Dear Dan: I wanted to write and commend you on the professional job you and your company, Hatch Mott Mac Donald, performed on our courthouse. This was not an easy task considering obstacles we faced with relocating and setting back up various Circuit Clerks and Judges’ offices while still maintaining professional services for the general public. You were very easy to work with and very prompt in answering all calls and concerns before, during and after the construction.  During the past several months I have gotten many compliments on how nice everything looks and what a “fine” job that was done with all the courtrooms. Not only am I hearing compliments from the general public but from the elected officials as well. I can also say without reservation how there is more pride in the staff within our facility as well, to keep this facility neater and cleaner…

Job well done Dan, and I look forward to working with you on future projects.


Steve Gautney, Baldwin County Facilities Coordinator

 And from the Rev. Dr. Lance Moore:

“As a pastor for nearly 30 years, I worked with a variety of architects in Alabama and Florida. None were in the league with Daniel Michal. His integrity/honesty is impeccable, and every aspect of his technical expertise and professionalism likewise rate top-tier: knowledge/skill in design, drawing/CAD talent, grasp of engineering and technical aspects, clear client communication, and on-site construction oversight (he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty!). I am not overstating—he’s one of the very best. Hire him if you want a top-quality project.”